Tickets on Flights to the USA

The USA is the top ticket for British tourists outside of Europe. It's a country filled with diverse culture, an interesting history, exciting attractions and many famous landmarks. The fact they speak the same language is just a bonus! With 50 states to choose from, everyone can enjoy their perfect holiday in the US. Choose your adventure from fast-paced cities like New York and Las Vegas, the beaches of California and Florida, or the striking natural beauty of Colorado and Hawaii. Pick the state that suits you best, or plan a cross-country road trip that you'll never forget, and book your flights today.
No matter where you want to travel in the US, there are flights available from most UK airports. Airlines such as British Airways, Delta and American Airlines offer great value economy flights to the USA, including regular special offers on tickets. Whether you're already a big fan of the American life, or want to experience it for the first time, Southall Travel can help you get the best value flights.

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